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A job lot or stock lot sales department deals worldwide in mill rolls of various grades including kraft papers and linerboards, both natural and bleached, folding carton grades including SBS, SUS, CNB, PE board, colored woodfree bond and more.

The job lot / stock lot trading division specializes in industrial wrapping and packaging grades but is active in many other items including printing papers and " exotic " grades such as foil, poly, metallized and silicone treated papers, gift wraps, tissue, and others.

We work from our inventory in Birmingham, Alabama of 10,000-15,000 tons and have access to literally thousands of additional tons from our various mill connections. If we don't have what you want, we will search diligently for it!

We have 150" ( 381 cm ), 102" (259 cm) and 75" (190 cm) rewinders and, an 88" ( 223 cm ) sheeter and a roll saw available for converting when needed.

We are experienced in export sales and proper packing, loading, bracing and documentation.

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